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God Of War Ragnarok - PlayStation Showcase 2021 Reveal Trailer | PS5


  • Aleksa Srbin
    Aleksa Srbin37 perccel

    "Stop thinking like a Spartan rage and start thinking like calm and reasonable person"

  • Alaqmar Mal
    Alaqmar Mal48 perccel

    Tyr reveals his hieght kratos is like huh wanna fught me bro

  • smor brate
    smor brateÓrája

    His son is anoying and very stupid like hi is from 2021 and love to take selfis

  • Baraka Obama
    Baraka ObamaÓrája

    0:21 ... I have goosebumps.....

  • talha tayyab
    talha tayyabÓrája

    in love with this series since 12 years old

  • Rebellion هي نمط LIFE
    Rebellion هي نمط LIFEÓrája

    Finally some one will teach thor some lesson about being humble and get him descplined.

  • Aegon Targaryen
    Aegon TargaryenÓrája

    Greatest game ever

  • Ricardo Badillo
    Ricardo BadilloÓrája

    Will it be available for PS4?

  • Ferdin9nd Tv

    Ferdin9nd Tv

    37 perccel


  • Cal

    I am now a calm and reasonable person.

  • Wissam

    Please make it for pc

  • danjel ndoj
    danjel ndojÓrája

    The best game 🎮

  • Shreyansh Mishra
    Shreyansh Mishra2 órája

    Please tell me who is the tall person

  • TheMarvel Joe

    TheMarvel Joe


    They said it was Tyr

  • floricel_112
    floricel_1122 órája

    Oh no, human settlements. You know what happens to those Kratos visits

  • Andre Blimey
    Andre Blimey2 órája

    Nope. Blacks.

  • Beast Streams
    Beast Streams2 órája

    Thor : are you a calm and reasonable person? Kratos: Boy you better tell him what happened to Baldur!!! 🤣🤣

  • soup snail
    soup snail2 órája

    i could be wrong but it kinda looked like kratos was making arrows at the beginning. why do i get the feeling he & atreus just had an argument & they’re both trying to make it up to each other without words lol :’) and i also have to wonder what freya did to break that curse that keeps her from directly attacking other people!!! i’m trying to keep my expectations low so i’ll never be disappointed, as per kratos’s own advice, but i can’t help smiling every time i watch this trailer. super looking forward to this!!!

  • Leandre Gaming
    Leandre Gaming2 órája

    When you have ps4: ;-;

  • ScorpKingdom
    ScorpKingdom3 órája

    Durlin is Odin in disguise with that smirk….Odin has a 8 legged horse too and durlin has a octopus with 8 tentacles… 🤔

  • Grim Torkel
    Grim Torkel3 órája

    I wonder why there is a black Viking? You made this game Goldberg?

  • SP_JOKER_9258
    SP_JOKER_92583 órája


  • SP_JOKER_9258
    SP_JOKER_92583 órája


  • Karna
    Karna3 órája

    Afaik, surtur is probably the one to destroy the asgard in ragnarok and that's why I kept looking for him in the trailer

  • NicolGaming
    NicolGaming3 órája

    Finnaly kratos use him old blade im always waiting for this

  • Cjay 666
    Cjay 6663 órája

    Cant wait to see what happens with freya when she fights kratos and fighting thor is gonna be so dope

  • H M F
    H M F3 órája


  • Old Gamer 99
    Old Gamer 993 órája

    Can't Wait To Play This Game !!!

  • NorthStar18
    NorthStar183 órája

    watched this trailer like 30 times right now.

    YKKEVE4 órája

    Intro:Kratos Music:he’sssss stilllll hereeee kratosssss winssssss Thor:💀

  • john fido
    john fido4 órája

    Tyr like john wick

  • Pappa R
    Pappa R4 órája

    that ''you seem like a calm and reasonable person'' I don't think is Thor cause from what we've been told, Thor is a drunk, battle-hungry, stupid man and that speech does not sound like that of a drunk, battle-hungry, stupid man. It is educated, well thought out, so I think it is either Odin or Tyr but not Thor

    TheMETALICA404 órája

    I dont think its thor talking guys about kratos being calm and reasonable




    @TheMarvel Joe They couldve just put that shot with other character talking doesnt mean anything my bet thats Tyr voice

  • TheMarvel Joe

    TheMarvel Joe


    No is Thor, otherwise they wouldn't have shown that shot.

  • planet230dark
    planet230dark4 órája

    When are we gonna get the game where we play as BOY

  • NariYanTDM
    NariYanTDM4 órája

    Game of the year is coming ❤️

  • KratosBoy
    KratosBoy5 órája

    We love this Boy !!!

  • Chad_ThunderC0CK _MMA
    Chad_ThunderC0CK _MMA5 órája

    Durlin is potentially Odin in disguise, just like the gravedigger/Zeus, be alert.

  • Gujju Gamers
    Gujju Gamers5 órája

    "Not today, maybe not tomorrow but I will play it and enjoy it." - me broke as f and with potato laptop 😭😭😭

  • Ali
    Ali5 órája


  • james harlow
    james harlow6 órája

    Will this be on pc

  • Dhatchinamoorthi .M
    Dhatchinamoorthi .M6 órája


  • kpl 17801870
    kpl 178018706 órája

    Thor " Are you a calm and a reasonable person ?" Kratos right d pad R1 left d pad triangle left d pad again :3

  • sun and moon
    sun and moon6 órája

    Ninja theory = cool

  • sun and moon
    sun and moon6 órája

    Ninja theory is cool

  • Τσιτάχ
    Τσιτάχ6 órája

    Can't w8

  • Beith Mohd
    Beith Mohd6 órája

    So atreus found his love

  • sakazi
    sakazi6 órája

    I watch this once everyday. Every time Tyr stands up, I get +78 Adrenaline points

  • Glenn Holmes
    Glenn Holmes6 órája

    "Calm and reasonable person"?? Person is a modern word created by government related to personal numbers and certificates of birth. Not a person; he is a calm and reasonable man! Shameful.

  • Luis Requena
    Luis Requena7 órája

    F porque no sale en ps4

  • Draknarr
    Draknarr7 órája

    Mimir is an absolute treasure.

  • Lawah Hawad
    Lawah Hawad7 órája

    Anybody notice Kratos sister Artemus at the end?

  • DMNtiyal GD
    DMNtiyal GD7 órája


  • L Duffy
    L Duffy7 órája

    Didn’t Tyr get his hand bitten off by Fenrir the great wolf and one of the main players in ragnorok

  • SaltyGudako 5

    SaltyGudako 5

    7 órája

    Ragnarok doesn't happen yet

  • Dhia Aydin Yahya
    Dhia Aydin Yahya8 órája

    I'm so confused what should i buy, ps5 or gaming laptop?

  • Daniel Smid

    Daniel Smid


    @TheMarvel Joe BoooBooo I want the game only for myself. No one else should benable to play it. And I know it releases only on PS5

  • TheMarvel Joe

    TheMarvel Joe


    This game ain't never coming to PC lol

  • Daniel Smid

    Daniel Smid

    3 órája

    @Follow the howl Youp but he asked for PS5 or pc

  • Follow the howl

    Follow the howl

    3 órája

    @Daniel Smid wrong, it's being released for ps4 too

  • Daniel Smid

    Daniel Smid

    6 órája

    This game releases only for PS5, at least for now

  • Kratos
    Kratos8 órája

    Atreus/loki is the serpant

  • Videx √
    Videx √8 órája

    New updates: + Graphics + Details + Atreus grew + Kratos got new skills + Freya becomes an enemy + we found a new enemy/friend

  • Daniel Smid

    Daniel Smid

    6 órája

    All worlds explorable

  • Triple-D26
    Triple-D268 órája

    Who is that girl at the end? She seems very important.

  • SaltyGudako 5

    SaltyGudako 5

    7 órája

    Angrboda One of Loki's wives

  • kyzvha


    7 órája


    AMV POINT8 órája

    This Game would come in ps4??

  • kyzvha


    7 órája

    yes it's for ps4 & ps5

  • Aazam Ben
    Aazam Ben9 órája

    "Are you a calm and a reasonable person?" Yes, until my son starts questioning.

  • Back N Cool
    Back N Cool9 órája

    I was expecting adult Atreus but I’m thankful he’s still young

  • Idk Lol
    Idk Lol9 órája

    is it gonna be available on ps4?

  • Alpha


    8 órája

    This and Horizon Forbidden West might be the last playstation exclusives to release on both platforms.

  • Millions
    Millions9 órája

    Why so many dislikes? It looks great!

    PROF*SNAKE9 órája

    wow goosebumps great cinematic man they always deliver a great game

  • Talha Shaikh
    Talha Shaikh10 órája

    Kratos is most powerful



  • Robert Mũnũku
    Robert Mũnũku10 órája

    Game of the Year Award 2022 goes to ...

  • BronzeTCG
    BronzeTCG10 órája

    He sounds older but doesn't really look older

  • Daniel Smid

    Daniel Smid

    6 órája

    Bur he s bigger

  • Fernando Souza1982
    Fernando Souza198210 órája

    Top 👏🏾👏🏾🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Baller gamer DESTROYER
    Baller gamer DESTROYER11 órája


  • humerus man humerus
    humerus man humerus11 órája

    “Are you a calm and reasonable person?” Couple years earlier: “ZEUS! YOUR SON HAS RETURNED! I BRING THE DESTRUCTION OF OLYMPUS!”



    2 órája

    Ahahaha The Best Comment Ever 😆😆😆👍🏻👍🏻

  • Gllfor 2

    Gllfor 2

    3 órája

    Mmmmm my friend I think it's couple millennia earlier rather than couple years since he's older and not what he used to be

  • Derek Aaron Olmos Meza
    Derek Aaron Olmos Meza11 órája

    Its playable in ps4? >:()

  • Alpha


    8 órája

    @Derek Aaron Olmos Meza It's not a lie. It's possibly going to be one of the last exclusives (together with Horizon Forbidden West) to release on both ps4 and ps5.

  • Derek Aaron Olmos Meza

    Derek Aaron Olmos Meza

    11 órája

    @PoJiloy4elovek really? dont lie to me

  • PoJiloy4elovek


    11 órája


  • Snow PS4
    Snow PS412 órája

    Another victim of equality

  • Jan Zia
    Jan Zia12 órája

    Will this be out on ps4 as well or only ps5

  • Alpha


    8 órája


  • Noob
    Noob12 órája

    Thor:Are you a calm and reasonable person Kratos: Wait a second lemme use my Axe of peace, blades of harmony and spartan calmness

  • Sulekha Sonkar
    Sulekha Sonkar12 órája

    Atreus After Seeimg AngrBoda: :"BOI"

  • Praphull Rajput
    Praphull Rajput12 órája

    Waiting youtubers streaming it

  • Claudius Kilgore
    Claudius Kilgore12 órája

    So far the graphics look amazing

  • chrisna pradana
    chrisna pradana12 órája

    Can anyone tell me who tyr is before this game

  • William FitzGerald
    William FitzGerald13 órája

    Please don't let this be the next Cyberpunk

  • Renan Guimarães
    Renan Guimarães13 órája


  • bach nguyen
    bach nguyen13 órája

    this game is so cool

  • hank
    hank13 órája


  • Zomebodi
    Zomebodi13 órája

    Please take your time

  • Pepito Eri
    Pepito Eri13 órája

    No comprare ps5 se aplazaron

  • Deyvi
    Deyvi13 órája

    2:19 me playing with my little brother

  • Erik Garcia
    Erik Garcia13 órája

    Thor: “Are you a calm and reasonable person” Kratos: *FOUL BEASTS, I WILL SEND YOU BACK TO THE DEPTHS OF HADES!!*

  • PSA Gameplay
    PSA Gameplay13 órája

    Atreus is simply a drag on Kratos and the saga.

  • Simfric
    Simfric14 órája

    Am I the only one coming back to this trailer everyday?

  • Nick Byulon
    Nick Byulon14 órája

    Life has meaning again

  • Daniel Tranc
    Daniel Tranc14 órája

    Duuuuuuudddddeeeee Brrrooooooooo Maaannnnnnnnnn… I can’t wait😄😃

  • Nick Byulon
    Nick Byulon14 órája


  • Broc Fuck
    Broc Fuck14 órája

    I swear if this doesn’t come on PS4 I’m going to hack ea servers again

  • Geodude 37
    Geodude 3714 órája

    BOY am I excited for this game!

  • Lein
    Lein14 órája

    I can already see mk playing it

  • Puneetinder Grewal
    Puneetinder Grewal14 órája


  • Bash
    Bash14 órája

    Now Atreus is going to be an angsty teen.

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne14 órája

    Tyr stood up like he had beef

  • Alpha


    5 órája

    @Bruce Wayne He's just extremely tall, not sure why he would have beef with Kratos. Beef with Odin on the other hand...

  • Bruce Wayne

    Bruce Wayne

    5 órája

    @Alpha I mean beef with Kratos lol

  • Alpha


    8 órája

    He has an Odin to kill, I assume.

  • Yusuf Gazi
    Yusuf Gazi14 órája

    He still needs to kill Apollo, Artemis, Aphrodite, Demeter, Dionysus and more from the Greeks

  • Games Online
    Games Online14 órája

    1:55 Nooo

  • Ryan Thao
    Ryan Thao15 órája

    yo is dis coming on PS4

  • Deyvi


    13 órája