Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake - PlayStation Showcase 2021 Trailer | PS5


  • Mario Ivoci
    Mario IvociÓrája

    Wait is this remake for real or a tease trailer

  • Sebastián Enamorado
    Sebastián EnamoradoÓrája

    Please don’t ruin the best force user in Star Wars

  • mikerzisu
    mikerzisu3 órája

    Game play would be nice... how would this stack up against fallen order? Fallen order was the best star wars game yet

  • かたもく
    かたもく3 órája


  • MadG
    MadG4 órája

    I had some major goosebumps. I don't care if it's bad, I am just glad KOTOR can now be experienced this gen.

  • lilmoris1
    lilmoris14 órája

    Fans asked for it and our call was answered. I love democracy

  • Steven Britt
    Steven Britt4 órája

    Declaration: This is going to be fun master.

  • Ivan
    Ivan5 órája

    props for the one who set the thumbnail,make sure not to spoil revan reveals.

  • Mr Fraser
    Mr Fraser5 órája

    I'm glad EA are not working on this.

    CRYSTALGZ怪物5 órája


  • ชัยวัฒน์ ตัณศิริวรรณชัย
    ชัยวัฒน์ ตัณศิริวรรณชัย6 órája

    ช่ายยย นางในดวงใจ บาสติล้า

  • Jaunty
    Jaunty6 órája

    Just hoping for native mod support like the original, its what kept 2003's community going strong

  • Stefanos Giannias
    Stefanos Giannias6 órája

    I hope they give it a different fighting system like the new games

  • Master Yoda
    Master Yoda7 órája

    Very hyped, I am.

  • zijuiy wttuy
    zijuiy wttuy7 órája

    I've never played and alwayssssss heard about this game! I can't wait!

  • Shahin
    Shahin7 órája

    Why are studios obsessed with getting untalented feminists to write there games

  • Kratos Atreus
    Kratos Atreus8 órája

    3k Downvotes from insecured Xbot's 😬

  • Mafex Syreum
    Mafex Syreum9 órája

    Ahhhh finally

  • SHODAN64
    SHODAN6410 órája

    They better not remove anything

  • zijuiy wttuy

    zijuiy wttuy

    7 órája

    And then they hired Sam Magg… uh oh, trouble in paradise.

  • KaBisue
    KaBisue10 órája


  • Zapok 13
    Zapok 1311 órája

    Now we can finally get a real KOTOR 3 instead of SWTOR...

  • Asa Yagami
    Asa Yagami12 órája

    Just as long as Ajunta Pall is still there, ans Jolee Bindo and HK47 are still sassy. Just please no identity politics

  • Kras Masov

    Kras Masov

    8 órája

    Identity politics were in the original.

  • Derealized
    Derealized12 órája

    I'll stick to the original. This is going to be absolute trash.

  • Juan Valencia
    Juan Valencia12 órája

    I played this and passed it like 50x when I was 12. Favorite game ever! I have to buy a PS5 lol

  • Daniel Christie
    Daniel Christie13 órája

    Sony doing numbers in the next few years

  • Chris Lee
    Chris Lee13 órája

    DO NOT be fooled! This will not be the same game you remember, it has been rewritten by same kind of people who have proceeded to destroy the starwars franchise at disney. You have been warned...

  • Ejiro Ogbojo
    Ejiro Ogbojo13 órája

    Bro Microsoft/Xbox fumbled like wth

  • B Real
    B Real14 órája

    Sure hope this means hot toys releases a Revan figure

  • Juan Carlos
    Juan Carlos14 órája


  • Chris Burdick
    Chris Burdick14 órája

    Can we just get a sequel, to Fallen Order, instead? Because, a Knights Of The Old Republic Remake, won't really appeal to anyone else, apart from Diehard Knights Of The Old Republic Fans.

  • Your friendly neighborhood Saiyan
    Your friendly neighborhood Saiyan15 órája

    Can't wait till it launches on pc

  • LoudItalian
    LoudItalian16 órája

    The game is being remade by woke activist. This game is pretty much doomed.

  • Jujubeans
    Jujubeans16 órája

    And then they hired Sam Magg… uh oh, trouble in paradise.

  • The Watcher
    The Watcher16 órája

    Hate it’s gonna be exclusive to the most difficult to find console on the planet

  • Mantis Praying
    Mantis Praying16 órája

    Why no Xbox?? 🤌🏼

  • Dmitrisnikioff
    Dmitrisnikioff17 órája

    I already played this game

  • Fierce Krypton
    Fierce Krypton18 órája

    Hk and I will rule the galaxy once again.

  • Aaron
    Aaron19 órája

    was gona pre order then saw whos writing it....think ill pass

  • TransHaus
    TransHaus19 órája

    KOTR was and still is my favorite game ever. Nothing has ever captured that magic. So I'm torn on this. Do we not have an original thought left in our heads? Are there no other stories to tell? Reworking masterpieces like this is risky. The chance of failure is so high. I would kill for new stories in the KOTR universe. Am I going to have to start writing my own stories to make it happen??? Fan fiction FFS??

    HAPPY GAMER20 órája

    I need to change

  • Smooth
    Smooth20 órája

    This is a legendary game, I hope they treat it well!

  • meep
    meep20 órája

    Of course it's only for freaking Playstation

  • Caim
    Caim21 órája

    Now that we know who works as a writer on this, is there any hope at all? You are just going to ruin it!

  • Александр
    Александр21 órája

    I need PS5.

  • Cinnamontoast999
    Cinnamontoast99921 órája

    Too bad it’s been a year almost already and still majority of us don’t have a ps5 still $800+ from scalpers which I’m not paying

  • ariel gorell
    ariel gorell22 órája

    Never played kotor only swtor but heard it is amazing

  • Fat Joey
    Fat Joey22 órája

    Sony ? Aspyr ? LucasArts ? *No EA ?* LETS GOOOOOO

  • Captain Leroy
    Captain Leroy22 órája

    Me and my brother rented this from blockbuster back in the day. I hated it at the foolish I was

  • James Schulte
    James Schulte22 órája

    Just fire the feminist in charge and this'll be game of the decade

  • Nic.L8B
    Nic.L8B22 órája

    Well now it's ruined for me seeing that Sam Maggs re-writes the strory

  • ThiefKingofLegend
    ThiefKingofLegend23 órája

    Please don't make this into a feminist piece of garbage. Guys were making a remake for free but they got sued out of the atmosphere by Disney.

  • ThiefKingofLegend


    2 órája

    @Kras Masov where bouts?

  • Kras Masov

    Kras Masov

    8 órája

    The original game was already feminist.

  • Sidiq Ali-john
    Sidiq Ali-john23 órája

    we getting this on ps4 too right?

  • Seget


    14 órája

    only ps5

  • Kuro
    Kuro23 órája

    I remember playing this game over and over and over again, probably one of my most played games of all time. I still think of it a lot and I can't express how much this game means to me. I pray to all the gods I don't believe in that they don't mess it up because I need this in my life.

  • Fen

    It's going get ruined by Sam Maggs

  • Echozlol

    im excited for the actual game but not for Sam Maggs working on it

  • That One guy
    That One guyNapja

    Well with who they have working the game I'd be worried

  • AlexxBaFXX


  • Hagogs

    Google: "I present to you, the complete Twitter collection for the writer of the KOTOR Remake Sam Maggs. Be aware that posting this anywhere on Reddit gets you banned as the damage control already is in full swing."

  • Kras Masov

    Kras Masov

    8 órája

    The only people her tweets would offend are antifeminists. And you know, who cares about that?

  • ZenIceHero

    Yes i knew they were making a KOTOR Remake the next SW games that are def going to be revealed are Jedi Fallen Order 2 and The Mandalorian Open world game of Ubisoft

  • Hasnain Hamirani
    Hasnain HamiraniNapja

    This game got me into Star Wars to begin with..

  • Shahin

    Sam maggs mass effect andromeda and virtual r*pe victim and man hating feminist is writing this game i have lost all interest

  • Huge hog Lil nuts
    Huge hog Lil nutsNapja

    Sam maggs is writing it, L for PlayStation

  • Kras Masov

    Kras Masov

    8 órája

    I mean she wrote Rift Apart, and that went pretty well.

  • aswer huio
    aswer huioNapja

    Печально что эту замечательную игру ничего не ждёт...

  • Arsenal54

    Fire Sam Maggs!

  • Jens Andersson
    Jens AnderssonNapja

    I feel a disturbance in the force... Please, please don't make the player with a voice on the dialogue. You want to feel like you're the character not like you just play the character 😅

  • Jens Andersson

    Jens Andersson

    7 órája

    @Kras Masov And erase the feeling of being Revan? Depends of what you prefer, I guess.

  • Kras Masov

    Kras Masov

    8 órája

    No no no. Do the opposite. Give Revan a voice.

  • Valentine

    And then PlayStation Fanboys be getting mad when Microsoft purchases Bethesda

  • aswer huio

    aswer huio


    The Return Of The King

  • Florian Kraft
    Florian KraftNapja

    Comming For PC?

  • Yes?

    Does it use fallen order engine or even better? I really hope sooo That game is sooo satisfying to play

  • ligma_master 69
    ligma_master 69Napja

    A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one

  • Shahin

    sam maggs is a awful writer

  • Ice Trae Young
    Ice Trae YoungNapja

    I hope there's more games/movies/ shows based on the earlier time periods of the SWEU, everyone know about Palpatine and Vader but aware there's at least 25 other sith who could kill them with ease

  • Warrior Gaming
    Warrior GamingNapja

    I'm thankful this isnt being made by modern day bioware.

  • Pedrovsky Pedrov
    Pedrovsky PedrovNapja

    Why do i, in the words of Han Solo, "have a bad feeling about this"?

  • Darth Revan
    Darth RevanNapja

    Revan is the poster boy for Kotor

  • Петър Байчев
    Петър БайчевNapja

    Is it going to be and for ps4 or only for ps5

  • Seget


    14 órája

    only ps5

  • Sunza Biches
    Sunza BichesNapja

    It would be amazing if, after they remake KOTOR 1, they remake KOTOR 2 and actually finish it this time.

  • Ben 225p
    Ben 225pNapja

    But why for PlayStation only 😞

  • HiiBillyMaysHere

    Bruh, only for PS5? They're trying to get boycotted and Sony/ea/dis headquarters burned down tbh.

  • Seget


    14 órája

    @SpionBlut 34 only pc and ps5 no xbox

  • SpionBlut 34

    SpionBlut 34


    its not exclusive, it will come for pc and xbox too but later

  • Viktor  Reznov
    Viktor ReznovNapja

    Just checking are we getting this on Xbox too or is it a ps exclusive

  • Seget


    4 órája

    @SpionBlut 34 They confirmed on Twitter that he will not be on Xbox.

  • SpionBlut 34

    SpionBlut 34

    13 órája

    @Seget pls inform yourself🤦🏻

  • SpionBlut 34

    SpionBlut 34

    13 órája

    @Seget for xbox it will come later boy its not a exklusiv

  • Seget


    14 órája

    @SpionBlut 34 only pc and ps5 no xbox

  • Viktor  Reznov

    Viktor Reznov


    @SpionBlut 34 cheers mate

  • Godin The Killer
    Godin The KillerNapja

    Not bioware? I might cop

  • Rain 457
    Rain 457Napja

    The Return Of The King

  • Zack Conley
    Zack ConleyNapja

    Ok, super worried if it's being made by Aspyr because I hope they aren't going to try keep the same combat and movement mechanics as the original. Let's be honest Bioware evolved into Mass Effect, this remake needs to play like Mass Effect but be Star Wars

  • rxlfz

    Is that DARTH VADER?????

  • tom gu

    tom gu



  • Scythe Azure

    Scythe Azure


    No dummy

  • Justine Ramos
    Justine RamosNapja

    People quoting the video be like: " Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake - PlayStation Showcase 2021 Trailer | PS5" *queue emotional trigger* but for real though, hype!!!

  • Oi Bruv
    Oi BruvNapja

    “Revan is the father isn’t he…..” YES

  • Lil ketchup pacc
    Lil ketchup paccNapja

    I watched so many vids about this game and now that it’s coming to console is cool

  • Joshua Daniel
    Joshua DanielNapja

    Didn’t BioWare make this game?

  • Joshua Daniel

    Joshua Daniel


    @HumbleBee 55 okay makes sense lol

  • HumbleBee 55

    HumbleBee 55


    yes but essentially that "lucasfilm games" is the owner of star wars franchise, so why dont they make it themselves.

  • Dwayne Cox
    Dwayne CoxNapja

    I have never played the original......and so I am so excited.

  • Suatt38

    I wonder what Darth Nhilus looks like remastered

  • CT-7567

    Very nice *creams*

  • Amirhosein Herandy
    Amirhosein HerandyNapja

    Uh, where is Bioware?

  • aus741LX

    Right I've all interest in this now

  • CharlieElite

    Am I the only one who looks at Revens physique and sees a women

  • Shortcut 101
    Shortcut 101Napja

    It will be a bomb if *star wars unleashed* is remastered too

  • eric alvarado
    eric alvaradoNapja

    they should include ray

  • Flat Arthur

    Flat Arthur

    17 órája

    @eric alvarado Because Sam Maggs is a writer for this.

  • eric alvarado

    eric alvarado

    17 órája

    @Flat Arthur bro I was just joking with u

  • Flat Arthur

    Flat Arthur

    17 órája

    @eric alvarado Not an argument and KOTOR takes place a few thousand years before the original trilogy.

  • eric alvarado

    eric alvarado

    18 órája

    @Flat Arthur yes dude ur just a bigot

  • Flat Arthur

    Flat Arthur

    18 órája


  • KiselinaSRB

    Meh call me when its on PC.

  • James Garrison
    James GarrisonNapja

    They better have axed the turn based combat and kept everything else

  • Flat Arthur

    Flat Arthur

    18 órája

    It's a remake so there will be changes.

  • Nerulon Skyven
    Nerulon SkyvenNapja

    This 1 minute 6 second was 100 times better than latest Star Wars trilogy together.

  • スターダスト




  • Yannie Valaziotis
    Yannie ValaziotisNapja

    Wait playstation exclusive?

  • Seget


    14 órája

    only pc and ps5 no xbox

  • Minkles13

    I won't say If, I'll say when.... this bad boy comes to PC, I'll defiantly be keen AF to check it out. I loved it on my XBOX years ago, still have the CD n all haha.