Marvel's Spider-Man 2 - PlayStation Showcase 2021: Reveal Trailer | PS5

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is the next game in PlayStation’s critically acclaimed Marvel’s Spider-Man franchise. Developed by Insomniac Games in collaboration with Marvel Games and PlayStation for the PS5 console.


  • kostasdiam_patra
    kostasdiam_patra4 órája


  • Hamza Qasim
    Hamza Qasim4 órája

    I ordered a ps5 SHOW LOVE

    THUGLAZA4 órája

    They need to bring back the webstrike from 'web of shadows' as a game mechanic. It was the best blend between locomotion and combat in a Spider-Man game. That Batman Arkham series type of combat has been too overused in games.

  • Summer salT
    Summer salT5 órája


  • Casual
    Casual5 órája

    is it only available on ps5?

  • Mr Anonymous
    Mr Anonymous5 órája


  • k1d
    k1d5 órája

    Do I hear Kraven?

  • the divel
    the divel6 órája

    F for anyone who thought it was a new infamous game because of the electric sparks in the beginning

  • TopGame
    TopGame6 órája


  • Rhys HIRST
    Rhys HIRST6 órája

    it looks amazing even in the trailer and being working in progress even if I have to wait till 2023

  • welcome to the arena
    welcome to the arena6 órája


  • willxoxo
    willxoxo7 órája


  • crack
    crack7 órája

    yoo im hyped :D

  • Failure Pigeon
    Failure Pigeon7 órája

    Will you be able to play this on ps4 or not

  • Daniel Smid

    Daniel Smid

    6 órája


  • GwynieBoy


    6 órája


  • MilaEttema Ettema
    MilaEttema Ettema7 órája

    Its gonna be for ps4 to right? RIGHT????

  • Daniel Smid

    Daniel Smid

    6 órája


  • GwynieBoy


    6 órája


  • GavnoMamontaLP
    GavnoMamontaLP7 órája

    Вы угараете? Ещё год полтора...

    BANONYMOUS T_T7 órája

    I can't wait to play it I played spider man The normal wone and now this yesssssssssss

  • JuaoPdr
    JuaoPdr7 órája

    Take my money

  • Nicholas 43
    Nicholas 438 órája

    I can’t wait to buy this :)

  • lotfi akkar
    lotfi akkar8 órája

    SONY pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese make the game for the PS4

  • Daniel Smid

    Daniel Smid

    6 órája

    Nooo Im soryyyyy 😱

  • Michael Cassy

    Michael Cassy

    6 órája

    It will never happen sorrryyyy

  • Islam Aliev
    Islam Aliev8 órája

    So crazy

  • shalom sabag
    shalom sabag8 órája

    Its for 2 players?

  • GwynieBoy


    6 órája


  • Szpájdör men
    Szpájdör men8 órája

    Can I start on ps4?

  • GwynieBoy


    6 órája


  • Caesar Salad Zeppeli
    Caesar Salad Zeppeli8 órája

    Please tell me we get to play as Venom too

  • Gagesticks Cook
    Gagesticks Cook8 órája

    Dooooonnnntttt kiiiillllll Peter make it be like the cartoon from I think 2016 have them both be alive

  • Laugh&Learn Media
    Laugh&Learn Media9 órája

    Can I play either of the Spider-Man’s on the deck?

  • Iuli Anghel
    Iuli Anghel9 órája

    Pls make this on ps4!🥺🥺

  • Iuli Anghel
    Iuli Anghel9 órája

    Pls make this on Ps4!

  • Iuli Anghel
    Iuli Anghel9 órája

    Pls make this on PS4

  • Iuli Anghel
    Iuli Anghel9 órája

    Pls make this on ps4!

  • AnimeTiddys 03
    AnimeTiddys 0310 órája

    2023?? Imma be a dad then

  • Mohamed Sabith
    Mohamed Sabith10 órája

    Ooh ooh yes. Another SPIDER-MAN GAME

  • Tarko
    Tarko10 órája


  • Captain Hex
    Captain Hex11 órája

    Venom. Wow. Bravo!

  • ·Kevinfe4776·
    ·Kevinfe4776·11 órája

    Hopefully it can be played cooperatively xd

  • GwynieBoy


    6 órája

    Insomniac said it’ll be a single player only game

  • Titan
    Titan11 órája

    Kraven and venom?

  • MartinNC


    11 órája


  • ᴍᴀʀᴠᴇʟ's sᴘɪᴅᴇʀ ᴍᴀɴ
    ᴍᴀʀᴠᴇʟ's sᴘɪᴅᴇʀ ᴍᴀɴ11 órája

    Eu vou comprar essa sequência na Pré-venda para gravar para o meu canal, esse jogo vai ser incrível.

  • Juan Torres
    Juan Torres11 órája

    Make it last 50 hours please

  • YoungStepFather
    YoungStepFather11 órája

    Why is kraven narrating?

  • R3d Powel

    R3d Powel

    9 órája

    Kraven and Venom

  • Quinton Jay
    Quinton Jay12 órája

    So I’m guessing by the beginning teaser the narrator is Electro?

  • MartinNC


    11 órája


  • Official Roblox News
    Official Roblox News13 órája

    Drax was also in this scene he was Just standing extremely still.

  • M
    M13 órája


  • David Chalmers

    David Chalmers

    12 órája

    Look, all I want is more Tony Todd as Venom. That is a perfect casting, just like Steve Blum as the Green Goblin, or Nolan North as Deadpool.

  • Kirian
    Kirian14 órája

    Everybody excited until they saw 2023 😔

  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss14 órája

    Wow ! Almost 11m views ! This game is going to be huge !

  • Danny Furrison
    Danny Furrison15 órája

    I really REALLY REALLY hope that Otto will get a redemption arc in one of the sequels. :'(

  • David Chalmers

    David Chalmers

    12 órája

    What if we got a Sinister Six game?

  • 백지입니다
    백지입니다15 órája

    Is it only works for PS5??

  • anime bobaxd

    anime bobaxd

    13 órája

    Yes only for PS5.

  • Evdog14 #stanevil
    Evdog14 #stanevil15 órája

    Please let this be multiplayer, me and my friends wanted to play spider man together, it would be soooooo cool

  • LittleGentleman


    11 órája

    Sorry Bro, confirmed no co-op

  • Ask to seduce Miss

    Ask to seduce Miss

    14 órája

    Ah no mames... la voz de Zoom en venom

  • Spy ninjas Legacy
    Spy ninjas Legacy15 órája

    We are venom

  • Peelyy Plays
    Peelyy Plays16 órája

    Suggestion: add a customisable suit where you can make a suit that fits your gameplay style

  • Shabby Owl
    Shabby Owl16 órája

    so is this a movie or a game?

  • Emmanuel de Azevedo

    Emmanuel de Azevedo

    14 órája


  • FinnThomas
    FinnThomas16 órája

    Main thing I want besides symbiote Spidey yelling at shocker is spider cat suit for both spider men

  • TheironkenGG
    TheironkenGG16 órája

    I need my ps5 NOW

  • NoahVR
    NoahVR17 órája

    Hype is real

  • Asaduddin Khaja
    Asaduddin Khaja17 órája

    *WE* are ready

  • Rod Puct
    Rod Puct17 órája

    Spider-Man 2 what the 🤩🤩🤩

  • Darryl Davis
    Darryl Davis17 órája

    Is Venom gonna be Harry or Eddie I wonder.

  • Max Soto
    Max Soto17 órája

    teacher and apprentice together again

  • D.A ART
    D.A ART18 órája

    The game looks dark, I love thattt

  • Frz Dashz
    Frz Dashz18 órája

    Is it on ps4

  • Morroco Guy

    Morroco Guy

    18 órája

    No u crazy?

  • Koichi Hirose
    Koichi Hirose18 órája


  • Josue Reyes Romo
    Josue Reyes Romo18 órája

    Ah no mames... la voz de Zoom en venom

  • AdoptionFiles
    AdoptionFiles18 órája

    Aight I know this is kinda out there but, could the voice talking possibly be Kraven the Hunter?



    14 órája

    100% is

  • Pepijn Theuns
    Pepijn Theuns18 órája

    Not on pc🥴

  • Maddie Hart
    Maddie Hart18 órája

    Was Matpat right?

  • 𝔻𝕦𝕓
    𝔻𝕦𝕓18 órája

    Yo Playstation can you add spider gwen to this new spider man game.\

  • Yassin Yahimdi
    Yassin Yahimdi19 órája


  • YouTube User
    YouTube User19 órája

    Literally the same game?



    14 órája

    No bro🤣

  • Rayo xDxDxD
    Rayo xDxDxD19 órája

    Pov: recuerdas q no le van a cambiar la cara a peter

  • Robert Cristache
    Robert Cristache19 órája

    Venom is all i wanted froma spiderman game for a long time im super hyped

  • dachucktaylor1
    dachucktaylor119 órája

    Candyman is the voice of venom

  • Jordan Parker
    Jordan Parker20 órája

    I’ve played both and love them this will be the best yet

  • LoZioVergna
    LoZioVergna20 órája

    More hyped about kraven than venom tbh, most underrated spider man villain ever

  • MopoKurkku
    MopoKurkku20 órája

    Is it going to be on ps4??

  • LittleGentleman


    11 órája

    Confirmed ps5 exclusive

  • miguel contreras
    miguel contreras20 órája

    I just really hype for see the face of peter, really i hope looks amazing. Xd

  • Nicola Escobal Rodriguez
    Nicola Escobal Rodriguez20 órája

    The future best game of spiderman

  • Enzo Simonetti Gamero
    Enzo Simonetti Gamero20 órája

    Xbox is the best, but this game is amazing

  • Gh0st


    19 órája

    I might acc need to buy a PlayStation now

  • Bankai
    Bankai20 órája

    When I watched this live I swear it was not this long

  • marijan mlinac
    marijan mlinac20 órája

    plizz 2022 plizz insomniac games plizz

  • david chiguware
    david chiguware20 órája

    that game looks so cool

  • Janos List
    Janos List20 órája

    Candyman! :)

  • Human Bot
    Human Bot20 órája

    I can´t wait to see someone else play this game

  • Patrick Kan
    Patrick Kan20 órája


  • Gysellys Flores
    Gysellys Flores21 órája

    I want the button for blue bio-electricity to be L1+O

  • Aziz Ansari
    Aziz Ansari21 órája

    I love game but it is scary because of venom

  • G 1999
    G 199921 órája

    Will Venom be playable ??

  • ליאן פלץ
    ליאן פלץ21 órája

    Is only for ps5 ?

  • Alex Terieur

    Alex Terieur

    21 órája


  • Spider Mattie1992
    Spider Mattie199221 órája

    Does anyone else feel like that’s Kraven’s voice ? Or is it just me ?

  • Diamond Zack
    Diamond Zack21 órája


  • Justin Standard
    Justin Standard21 órája

    We might find out how Peter got his iron Spider arms in the avengers DLC coming out soon

  • this Bubbly Goodness

    this Bubbly Goodness

    7 órája

    they're all seperate universes, the spiderman DLC in the avengers game is not the same spider-man by Insomniac

  • Gh0st


    19 órája

    Is it not a separate universe?

  • XNorthEast


    21 órája

    No, he obviously got them from being with Dock Ock in Spider-Geddon

  • Marcell Nikolics
    Marcell Nikolics21 órája

    This trailer is fire!!

  • Zenyeki
    Zenyeki21 órája

    Finally! It’s been a long time Venom.

  • BigLoudy
    BigLoudy21 órája

    Yes! VENOM

  • shizzy
    shizzy22 órája

    I’m happy I can play PS4 and Xbox series x

  • Elias_ W07
    Elias_ W0722 órája

    Only Ps5 or PS4 aswell?

  • GwynieBoy


    20 órája

    only ps5

  • The Lads
    The Lads22 órája

    For a second I thought he was craven

  • GwynieBoy


    20 órája

    the voiceover is kraven

  • Abdullah rafiq
    Abdullah rafiq22 órája


  • Mateusz Bączek
    Mateusz Bączek22 órája

    Olny Venom i hope electro or green goblin

  • chudabear
    chudabear23 órája

    I would like Spider-Gwen, please.

  • Martin Aldana
    Martin Aldana23 órája

    Hope with this release you do a Pc port of Spider-Man 1, as you had done with horizon please

  • anime bobaxd

    anime bobaxd

    13 órája

    If you can wait till 2025-2026...